Contacting Us

Leeds Left Unity is an activist led organisation locally, with a national organisation as well. If you are interested in getting in touch with the national campaign, the website is Contact information is available for the national campaign office there, as is Ken Loach’s appeal for a new party, which we would encourage as many people as possible to sign.

If you are seeking to join Left Unity Leeds or would like further information, please do get in touch in any of the following ways.

Left Unity Leeds also has a members forum. This can be accessed by anyone seeking to join the forum, however it is moderated, so please respect others or it will be necessary to remove posts and eventually ban people if they are abusing members or causing harm  in any other way. This includes, sexist, racist, homophobic etc. language. It should not be tolerated anywhere and will certainly not be tolerated by Left Unity. The forum address is

You can also email Leeds Left Unity on

Or you can fill in a contact form below and someone from Left Unity will be in touch with information about meetings, Left Unity or other information you might require.

We look forward to hearing from you

Leeds Left Unity


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