UAF Protest Report

On Saturday 4th May the English Defence League will be protesting against the building of a mosque on the Lingfield Estate in Moortown, North Leeds. They will be meeting at 1pm in the Penny Fun pub in the Moor Allerton Centre on King Lane. UAF will be protesting from 12pm, opposite the Moor Allerton Centre, on the grass next to the flats. Leeds University students will be meeting at Parkinson Steps at 10.45am then heading to the protest. There will be UAF leafletting this Sunday (21st April), meeting 11am at the Park and Ride next to Allerton High. There is also a UAF meeting at the Civic Hall on Tuesday 23rd, 7.30pm while 9pm, and at Leeds 5pm while 6pm.
The EDL are using this issue to attempt to stoke up racial tensions within a working class community. In the first instance they are being dishonest in claiming a mosque is even being built – the site is being bought by UKIM, an Islamic organisation, but will be a Community Centre, open to the whole community. Secondly, they are misguiding people as to who the real enemy are – the problem is not the Muslim community, but the council not building community centres, youth centres etc. or cutting the ones that already exist, leaving the field open to community organisations to pick up the slack. To oppose the onslaught from the Tory Government and Labour Council, our communities need unity and working class solidarity, not racial division. Left Unity fights for the unity of all our class in the fight against Tory austerity.

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